Saturday, 16 December 2017

Unrequited Love

we build so many thoughts in our minds,
about love, friendship, marriage and the like.
we dream how we would want our partner to be,
the heroic and romantic type.

but, when coming to terms with life,
we see a sudden change.
our thoughts differ from reality,
and, we see that love marriage has been shattered from there, replacing it with arranged.

it's a bit hard,
to love a new person.
a person whom you'll be getting married to,
may just treat you like a queen, or worse, a dustbin.

you may want to share your feelings,
but, is he ready to listen?
does he even care?,
whether your desires are fulfilled or sunken?

it's hard to leave your desires aside,
and lead a life without them.
life becomes a base to fulfil them,
and there's no reason to doubt them.

unrequited love,
may work when you're young.
but, once you start aging,
you'll feel like the bird who has never sung.

speak at the right moment,
for, moments like these can never return.
unrequited love can fill regret in you,
and you'll slowly feel your desires burn.

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