Saturday, 16 December 2017

On The Other Side

There are always,
2 sides to a situation.
Life is like a coin,
That is tossed during every problem.

We've always wondered,
That how would we be if we were someone else.
We've always felt,
That happiness is where someone else dwells.

In life,
There's nothing to hide.
The grass is always greener,
On the other side.

People are also,
They show something on their faces,
But their hearts are filled with disgrace.

They appreciate you for your deeds,
But are jealous within.
The line between hatred and jealousy,
Is very thin.

On the other side,
Life seems happy.
Have a look at yours,
And, you'll seem to be happier.

Never judge a person by his face,
He may never show his feelings.
Judge him by his actions,
As they show his true personality.

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