Saturday, 16 December 2017

Slept and reached Heaven

there are so many occasions,
on a single day.
have you ever given it a thought,
sometimes, we have no say.

everyone's life is so different,
there's a variety of situations to see in a single day.
someone is born, someone is dying,
someone is getting married, his happiness is beyond the expectations laid.

deeds are the criterion,
to decide your fate.
spread love everywhere,
as much as possible, try to overtake hate.

some people have a peaceful death,
they die in their sleep.
some people have to suffer as lot,
and weep and weep.

there are so many people,
who've slept and reached Heaven.
they must have been really generous to this cunning world,
the lining between our behaviour and our patience is very thin.

after all, who wouldn't want such a death?
no injuries, no hospitalization.
nobody to curse you before you die,
the best way to attain salvation.

that is the reason,
people stress on doing good deeds.
what will you get by being cruel to the world?
be selfish when it comes to your needs.

all of us want to die peacefully,
instead of being mere burden.
try to do justice with people,
and God will automatically open the doors of Heaven.

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