Saturday, 16 December 2017

How can life be so unfair?

Whenever we try to turn the pages of this book,
We end up getting frustrated and disgusted.
And, we think,
That of all our problems, how do we get rid?
We curse Him,
We cry our hearts out.
But, does He even listen?,
That's what we always doubt.
Life can sometimes,
Be very unfair.
It makes us cross our limits,
And rewards us with nothing, but a blank stare.
How can life be so unfair?,
What is our fault?,
Why are we blamed for everything that happens?,
Why do our life's best days come to a halt?
We are constantly,
In search of miracles,
And hope,
That they'll transform all the obstacles into small bundles of joy.
We get impatient,
We are also restless.
Life throws such challenges at us,
That we are always wondering when we'll reach success.
Life steals moments,
We feel cheated that time.
How can it be so unfair?,
How can it steal something that is solely mine?
I'll fight for it,
With all my might.
No matter what the cost,
'Coz I also hope for a future that's bright.

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