Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Those were the days,
Where there was peace,
There was happiness,
In each and every moment.

Those days I couldn't forget,
The way I used to rejoice,
At the first showers,
After the hot summers.

The way I used to await,
A festival,
The way I used to enjoy,
Each and every milisecond of my life.

Dolls were my best friends,
And so were cartoons,
Those days were such,
I used to enjoy The Looney Tunes.

The way I used to run,
Whenever I used to fall,
My mother's finger I used to hold.

And stand on my feet again,
Waiting for my friends to chase me,
The games we used to play,
Like Kho-Kho, Pakda-Pakdi and Relay.

How can I forget them,
Those days are as precious as a gem,
I've captured all the memories in my mind,
Memories of each and every kind.

Time is so fast,
It flies,
We grow into adults,
And our childishness, there dies.

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