Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Mad in love

Your personality is so inspiring,
I dream of acquiring it,
I wish I had the charm as you,
Everyday, which is new.

So different you are everyday,
Your smile makes my day,
The kindness in your voice,
Makes me rejoice.

Lucky to have you as a companion,
You are my champion,
Madly in love with you,
This madness is absolutely true.

Greeted with new gifts all the time,
Glad that you're mine,
I dream of you every night,
And also in broad daylight.

Let's get acquainted, dear,
There's no fear,
No one's going to separate us,
We'll leave a sign of our love, thus.

Love is a beautiful feeling,
You don't even think of departing,
Your soul finds its mate,
And for you, happiness opens its gate.

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