Thursday, 23 June 2016


You're always lost into thoughts,
I dunno what you're thinkin' 'bout,
But, whenever I come close to you,
You start daydreaming.

You're only fantasizing,
I dunno about what,
But I see your expressions change,
Whenever I accept something you've bought.

You write letters secretly,
You sing songs all the time,
I've noticed a change in you,
But, I think you can't read the thoughts that are mine.

Am I the one?,
Who's disturbing you all night?,
Your nights go sleepless,
Until broad daylight.

You think of me,
Even during work,
I can seeyou confused,
When you are doing your homework.

You seem to be lost,
In a world of your own,
You don't know where you're goin',
You realize you've missed something when it's already gone.

You seem to be too 'busy',
All day, you're hiding your feelings,
But, I can decipher you,
No matter how much effort it brings.

Am I the one?,
Curbing your freedom?,
Am I the one?,
Who is letting you work seldom?

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