Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Togetherness (Song)

How is life's game?
There's a blurry picture of everything.
The goals that seem to be yours,
Are actually someone else's belonging.

Possessiveness is a quality,
That's there in all of us.
We would never like our lovers,
To break our trust.

Togetherness is a feeling,
That keeps you secured.
Whatever you face,
Together, it can be conquered.

Destiny's a very 'cheeky fellow',
It knows well how to dice you.
The world can go against you,
But, there'll be one person who'll stand besides you.

Together we can,
Defeat the Universe.
We can break all the taboos,
And eradicate all our fears.

Our problems can be shared,
Our goals can be attained,
The world is like a battlefield,
Where only love's traces have remained.

Therefore, the whole concept,
Of togetherness has faded away,
But, one promise that still hasn't died,
Is the faith that everything will be better someday.

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