Friday, 9 October 2015

Not even a glance

You broke up,
I didn't.
Nor was I at fault,
You wanted a world that could never halt.

We parted ways,
Because we were different from each other.
We never made an attempt,
To visualize the problems through which we went.

We wanted to meet our needs,
We made many vows.
Now don't tell me they were fake,
For God's sake.

We couldn't adjust,
To our situations.
We were rigid,
We took decisions without even batting an eyelid.

Never did we think,
Before taking any step.
We blindly did as we wished,
And now, see how life has ditched.

You wanted to settle elsewhere,
And I never wanted to leave my family.
You thought values were rubbish,
But, I couldn't fulfill that wish.

You gave not even a glance,
As you said goodbye.
How much I cared for you,
Everyday I would bring you a joke, new.

I made you laugh,
Till the day didn't end.
You went away,
Without even thinking of how I would stay.

You were fast-paced,
Unlike me.
You wanted to fulfill your dreams,
And we both were from different streams.

You didn't even turn back,
As you left.
I couldn't even give you a hug and a kiss,
All those moments spent with you, I'll really miss.


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