Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Awesome Years of My Life

When you're born as a Princess,
You live like one.
Surprises await you,
They're always different from other ones.

Especially when it's your birthday,
You feel so proud,
To be born in a royal family,
You feel like thanking God aloud.

Royal treatment is given to you,
Your wishes are fulfilled.
Your needs are given priority,
You are given anything, no matter how much the weather is chilled.

No matter how much stress my parents go through,
They've always fulfilled my needs.
They're not less than a King and a Queen,
They are like pearl beads.

Which bring beauty,
To anyone's neck.
Their honesty and love,
Needs no check.

Whatever I demand,
I get,
Be it a cell phone,
Or a diamond set.

I've always loved them,
More than anybody else.
They've taken so much of pain,
To make me shine like a gem.

Thanks Pops,
For enlightening my life.
Filling it with laughter and merriment,
And making it one of the most memorable moment.

Thanks Maa,
For always  being there,
Guiding me at every step,
Like a ray of light on a road that's 'bare'.

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