Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Deep In My Heart

You get things you deserve, not desire.
But, you still feel the emptiness within,
You feel your dreams have turned into ashes under the fire.

God has His own ways,
To give you your happiness.
Never has He stolen things from you,
Instead, He has given you all those things that lead you to success.

Deep in my heart,
I feel incomplete.
There's something missing somewhere,
I can't understand where my life will lead.

A confused soul, as I call myself,
Wandering through life's twists and turns.
There's no indication where each path goes,
Somewhere there are blisters, and somewhere, burns.

Unpredictable, as life is always,
Has its own story to create.
Hard work and dedication,
Cannot change what is written in your fate.

I was dedicated towards a stream,
Pursued it with passion.
But, my life changed suddenly,
When I began to sway away from my ambition.

Life forced me to forget,
What I was dedicated towards.
My wrath and frustration,
Is hard to describe in words.

Deep in my heart,
I feel sunken.
Something's missing, though, in every day,
My eyes and heart, in pain, pray to Him to allow a new life to begin.

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