Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Dicey People

 So many faces,
So many intellects,
How to differentiate,
How to detect?

How to trust,
Whom to trust?
How to judge,
Who's the one who'll adjust?

There are so many examples,
Where people have broken promises,
You trust and tell them,
And then they leak it in your absence.

How to decide,
Whom to befriend,
How to sacrifice,
For, you never know who's your true friend.

People are dual-faced,
They have the habit of quitting,
When the time has come to confess,
They change without reasoning.

People are dicey,
They are like players in a game,
Nobody can predict them,
When the time comes, they'll never remain the same.

Broken trusts,
Broken faith,
Broken hearts,
Broken are people's perceptions.

They know how to destroy you,
They know how to prick you,
They know when you'll break down,
They know how to steal your crown.

They play the blame game,
They know how to win it,
They'll gather people's confidence,
And put you in the bucket of sins.

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