Friday, 23 September 2016

Gone With The Wind

The forests,
That lay with scattered leaves,
The signs of Autumn's arrival,
With a mood that's so melancholic.

The feeling of devastation,
Rose from within,
Rejection and bewilderment,
Made way for grief.

The gushes of the wind,
Felt so powerful,
They lifted me from the ground,
And took me along.

All my sorrows,
Now turned to fear,
Alas! What a pitiful state to be in,
Amidst all the perplexion.

The wind threw me,
Miles away from the forest.
The leaves covered me,
And I hit my head on the ground.

There, I lay,
Helpless and injured,
Bleeding to death,
All my energy was now gone with the wind.

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