Tuesday, 22 September 2015


I was in school,
Where discipline was maintained.
We were instructed by our teachers,
Time and again.

We used to mingle,
Only during recess,
Otherwise our eyes were glued,
To the board to which only the teacher had access.

We were always seated in groups,
We never liked staying alone,
Whenever we returned home,
We would continue to gossip on the phone.

But, I met a boy,
Who was our classmate.
No friends, no companion,
Unfortunately, a corner in our hearts, he couldn’t accommodate.

He was always lost in his own world,
Sometimes, he used to act weird,
We made a mockery of him,
But, never understood his problem.

I feel sorry for him,
Because I could not do anything,
Now, I understand how foolish I was,
By not befriending him.

I don’t know in which corner of the world he is in,
Never even spoke to him,
Once I left school,
I had no time to even take a dip in the pool !

I could never imagine,
Myself in such a state,
A schizoid he was by birth,
Dunno how on Earth he would live with people of a different trait.

Whenever I look at my school snaps,
I see his face and rewind into flashbacks,
What if I meet him again,
I would apologize and give all the pleasures I can.

Composed by: Kritika Bhatia

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